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2016 Motorcycle New Years Resolutions 0

2016 Motorcycle Resolutions

Here we go! New Year, new resolutions, and I’ve decided to write two sets of them. The first is that standard crap – lose weight, make more money, save more of the money I make and invest it intelligently… yada,...

BMW Motorrad G310 Concept Motorcycle 0

Rise of the Concept Motorcycles

You guys know I’m old-fashioned. Old bike. Old(er) guy. I like stuff that I can understand because that means I can likely fix it. Computers are not always my friend, although they make me my living. Stuff controlled by a...

Tennessee-highway-111-spencer-tn1 0

Unexpected Drag Race on a Saturday Ride

You know the best thing about riding a bike in the fall is the weather – it feels great, the leaves are changing and putting on a great show, and usually I run into some great new friends while I’m...