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The Trouble With Cheap Bikes 0

The Trouble With Cheap Bikes

In the continuing saga of my Harley flip, and if, for some reason, you can’t remember my story from last week, then here it is: Found a cheap Harley, bought a cheap Harley, getting ready to sell a cheap Harley...

Cleaning Your Motorcycle Leathers 0

Cleaning Your Leather Motorcycle Gear

You’re not fooling anybody. You’ve polished every inch of chrome on the bike, you’ve checked the battery 12 times, you even cranked the engine over a few times “just to see”. In all honesty, your bike hasn’t been this clean...

When will us Bikers Learn 0

When will us Bikers Learn?

Last week, like the good boy I am, I got the whole family cleaned up and went to visit my parents for the Thanksgiving holiday (Yeah, we have it a little later than our Canadian friends). We ate too much,...