You & Your Bike – Motorcycle Photo Contest

It’s time to announce the 3 lucky winners of our latest motorcycle photo contest. Each winner receives a $100 Gift Certificate valid on any motorcycle gear and apparel at

Starting with the female with the most votes, is the entry captioned “Meet The Bruiser” submitted by Jada. She adds that picture depicts her “wrenching” on her CL175.

contest winner 1

The male that submitted the photo receiving the most votes was sent in by Chris and is captioned “1985 Yamaha Virago 1000”. It’s a photo of Chris and his first bike which was wrecked and has since been rebuilt.

contest winner 2

The randomly chosen winner was submitted by Kelly and her granddaughter on Kelly’s 1200 Sportster Custom 2005. The entry is captioned “My future in training”.

contest winner 3

Congratulations go out to the 3 winners and thank you again to everyone that took the time to submit pictures of them and their motorcycles.  We also send a shout out to everyone that voted, helping to determine the winners. Because of the success of our first 2 motorcycle photo contests, we plan on running another one soon. Please stay tuned for another chance to enter your motorcycle photos to win more great prizes from The Bikers‘ Den.

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13 Responses

  1. Joe Sheets says:

    I just posted a pic for the You and Your Bike photo cotest. I put it was Easter Sunday. My bad! It was Thanksgiving. Can that be corrected? The pumpkin should have given the holiday away. Thanks for your help

  2. Bikers Den says:

    I have corrected it for you, Joe!

  3. Kai says:

    “It’s Hot” is a real Hottie!!!!

  4. Bikers Den says:

    Thanks for your input ThatGuy, however, what this person did by asking others to vote isn’t against any of the rules of our contest.

  5. ThatGuy says:

    Must be members of the Road Star forum…The ones that did their best to rig the contest….I’m sure your families would be very proud of you.,com_fireboard/Itemid,187/func,view/id,547499/catid,4/limit,10/limitstart,0/

  6. Gram says:


    A website promoting the “The Bruiser”. Did you miss them somehow?

  7. ThatGuy says:

    Haha..yeah, I did miss those, and since they were also suggesting the 1 votes, I’ll shut up now.

  8. Peggy says:

    I voted for “it’s hot” but it says “no change” and seems to be stuck at 355. What is up with that?

  9. Shadowofself says:

    As a matter of fact my mother would be proud of me for showing support for a friend. Why don’t you let the Clinic see who you are or are you just a chicken?

  10. Ameriefans says:

    Excuse me, is it possible to have the pic with Amerie in bigger size? (the black & white, celebrity one)

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