Horsehide Vests Provide the Same Benefits as Jackets Made From Horsehide

Ok, we know we’ve been spending a lot of time talking about horse hide jackets, which is because there really is no other leather that can match its quality, but now it’s time to turn our attention to horsehide vests. Motorcycle vests made from horsehide offer the same superior quality found in the horsehide jacket counterpart with horse hide vests being able to withstand rain and wet conditions better than cowhide and buffalo hide. Plus, as with the jackets, all of our horsehide vests are 100% made in the USA. Superior American craftsmanship mixed with a superior material in horse hide make for the best leather vests on the market.

Horsehide Vests

Here are the 3 most popular styles of Horsehide Vests based on the last month of sales…


Men’s Black Horsehide Leather Basic Motorcycle Vest with Gun Pockets – Hillside USA






Men’s Legendary Beck Northeaster 520 Black Horsehide Motorcycle Vest







Men’s Black & Brown Horsehide Leather Motorcycle Vest with Gun Pockets – Hillside USA








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