Best Selling Motorcycle Vests Made in the USA

The Bikers’ Den has been carrying American made motorcycle leather gear since opening online in 2003.  With quality manufacturers such as Fox Creek Leather, Schott NYC Leather and Hillside USA Leather, The Bikers’ Den has been able to offer their customers the best in US manufactured motorcycle clothing, leather gear and riding apparel.  The craftsmanship of  the US made gear is most certainly evident as well as the quality of the raw materials used… the leather is thicker and more supple and the textiles are more durable and will last longer. All customer feedback has determined that prices for the American made gear is justified and without question, well worth the slightly higher prices over imported apparel. The following USA Made Leather Vests have been the most popular styles over the last few years and we guarantee that you will be more that satisfied with any one of these vests.

Denim Style Vest With CollarMen's Hillside USA Leather Motorcycle VestsFull Perforated Biker VestMen's Hillside USA Leather Motorcycle VestsSons of Anarchy Style Vest

Men’s Denim Style Vest With Collar

Sons of the Anarchy Style Full Perforated Biker Vest

Sons of The Anarchy Style Biker Vest Custom- Made




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