Featured Motorcycle Club: Women on Wheels – North Shore Chapter

Women on Wheels – North Shore Chapter is a group of women motorcycle riders and enthusiasts roughly located around the North Shore area of Massachusetts. We get together several times a month (especially when it’s warm) to enjoy group rides all over New England (especially to places where ice cream can be found). The rides are open to both full & support members, and we also allow potential members to join us for up to 3 rides before joining. Our riding experience runs from Beginners to Iron Butts. We have no restrictions on make or type of ride, just that the bike is street legal and in safe working condition. Riders must also possess a motorcycle license. All are welcome!

Women on Wheels Motorcycle Club - North Shore Chapter

During the riding season we usually have one short Introductory ride scheduled each month. This ride is a fair weather daytime ride, geared towards the new rider, those who have minimal group riding experience, and riders new to riding with NS WOW. During this ride, the rider will get used to riding in a group while practicing the fundamentals they’ve learned. We are also happy to mentor anyone who has very little road experience to help them become a more comfortable and confident rider. More experienced riders can expect a longer ride at least once per month. We also offer several overnight trips.

Our goal is to have well-planned routes with reasonable rest stops leading to some sort of eatery with some spectacular scenery along the way. During the summer there are always last-minute pick-up rides offered via our group email list. In the Winter months, we have plenty of activities you can join in on! While we always have fun, our group emphasizes safety: consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited during a ride. We also encourage members to attend a Motorcycle Safety Foundation approved Riders Course, as well as the Crash Course on Motorcycle Safety (see the Contacts section for info).

Our chapter meetings are held once a month in Rowley, MA. Check the Calendar for meeting and ride dates, the News/Docs section for our newsletters, and the additional links to the Director’s Corner, Lending Library, and other useful information. If you would like more information about Women On Wheels® or the North Shore Chapter, check the Contact Info section for email links to the appropriate people. We’re always welcome new members!

And remember, even if you don’t ride with us, enjoy the ride!



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