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The Untouchables Motorcycle Club was founded in the City of Gary, Indiana in the summer of 2000 by Todd “Pac Man” Cliborne and Jeff “The Glide” Matson. From the beginning, it was determined that the UMC would be a local Club created solely to benefit the widows and children of fallen police officers. The Club’s motto quickly became, “Riding for our Brothers that Can’t.”, and clearly reflects the purpose for its creation.

Untouchables Motorcycle Club - Indiana

The Club’s chosen name “Untouchables” was used to describe Federal Agent Eliot Ness and his group of law enforcers that took down mob kingpin, Al Capone, during Chicago’s Prohibition-era. To this day, the name “Untouchables” signifies strength, unity and determination under extraordinary circumstances.

The Club’s colors are forged forever in Black and Orange. The centerpiece features a menacing skull character aptly named, “Eliot.” Like his famous namesake, Eliot wears a Black Fedora hat, Black trench coat, Black gloves, and a gold police star to signify that he is a Protector. In his hands, a smoking Thompson sub-machine gun, to warn against evil.

After careful planning and preparation, the UMC made its public debut on Labor Day in 2000. Although the UMC received numerous requests to start Chapters in other parts of the country, the Club remained in Indiana until shortly after the attacks of September 11, 2001.

In keeping with the desire to remain “local”, the UMC’s bylaws only allow for one Charter per state. Members from around the Chartered state belong to one centralized Chapter in a designated city.

Today, the UMC is considered one of the most recognized and respected law enforcement motorcycle clubs in America and continues to grow and prosper throughout the world. The Club’s expansion and influence in the motorcycling community recognizes no boundaries. The Untouchables are here to stay!

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