Featured Motorcycle Club: The Shamrocks of Florida MC, Ile Garda Chapter 12

Originally founded as a club for Federal Law Enforcement Officers, the Shamrocks MC is now a motorcycle club with membership containing and open to all US law enforcement officers without regard to level of government. The Shamrocks MC is a nonprofit organization designed to promote brotherhood between all members of our nation’s law enforcement community. The shamrocks MC is also committed to the service and support of organizations that assist with law enforcement, veteran, and select charity issues, as well as supporting the efforts of other allied clubs. We are bonded by history and united by principles.

The Shamrocks of Florida MC, Ile Garda Chapter 12

First and foremost the Shamrocks represent a fraternal brotherhood of professional law enforcement officers who share a common love of cruising the open road on American Iron. We are men of a kindred free spirit who have also devoted our lives to shielding society from those who would cause harm to others. For us, only in a club such as this, that shares our profession’s code of high ethical standards, can we ride together without the ˜issues’ or even illegal activities that are sometimes present in other clubs that might compromise who and what we are.

The Shamrocks of Florida MC, Ile Garda Chapter 12 is a not-for-profit organization registered under the provisions of the State of Florida and the IRS Code, Section 501(c)(7). This is a membership type of organization who’s main purpose is to meet as a group to go on motorcycle rides. We do not support other clubs in commercial enterprises. We support several different charity causes which include, but are not limited to, Law Enforcement, Veteran’s Affairs, Children, Animals, and Medical Research and Treatment. In addition to self-initiated cause support, the Shamrocks MC is very active in supporting other clubs with their charity efforts.

The Shamrocks of Florida MC, Ile Garda Chapter 12

Our Mother Chapter which was formed in Vermont in February of 2005. Originally, the membership of the Shamrocks MC was comprised solely of Federal Law Enforcement Officers. As time went by we felt the need to recognize our professional bond with all levels of government law enforcement. Today the Shamrocks MC welcomes all U.S. Law Enforcement Officers, not just Federal, into its ranks. Club membership is exclusive for active duty or retired (full career and honorable discharge) law enforcement officers only. No matter what background our members possess one can rest assured that if you see a big white shamrock on their back, you are looking at one of this country’s finest law enforcement professionals.

The Shamrocks formed their 12th chapter in the State of Florida on 17 April 2010 in Key West. The Chapter took on the celtic name from the Irish Gaelic language for ˜Island’ and ˜Police’, the Ile Garda. The motto used by the Ile Garda is a Gaelic phrase used by Irish Kings as a war cry. “Fág an bealach” – Fág (leave) an (the) bealach (way, road, path); Clear the way. This is pronounced Fog Ane Bay Lick.

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    The Ile Garda chapter of the Shamrocks MC has been disbanded. Please remove the patch and content regarding them.

    Shamrocks MC NY

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