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Motor Maids, Inc is motorcycling’s 1st Women’s riding organization, founded in 1940. We are a diverse group of Ladies that love life and love riding. We hail from all over the state so chances are that there is someone relatively close to you.

Motor Maids Motorcycle Club

Ever need a riding partner? Feel like tagging along to go to an event? Want to meet the group? Check out our events page for the next meeting or activity. We try to meet for lunch in the off season periodically to keep in touch. And in the summer, we try to schedule monthly rides or events that offer opportunities to get out of the house and on the bike. So put us on your calendar and join the fun!

In the late 30’s, a young woman motorcycle enthusiast named Linda Dugeau of Providence, Rhode Island, conceived the idea that there might be a number of women who owned their own motorcycles and might be interested in becoming acquainted with one another.  Linda wrote to dealers, riders and anyone she thought might know of women motorcycle riders.  After this extensive search, she compiled a list from which the Motor Maid organization was founded with 51 Charter members in 1940.

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