Featured Motorcycle Club: Harley-Davidson Club Finland

Featured Motorcycle Club: Harley-Davidson Club Finland

HARLEY-DAVIDSON CLUB FINLAND (reg. association) is a Harley-Davidson riders club founded in 1980. The club aims to uphold and further Harley-Davidsons as a hobby in Finland and to keep in contact with similar clubs and enthusiast abroad. It has over 6000 members.

H-DCF organizes gathering and benefit rides, exhibitions, soirees and gives traffic education. Every year it organizes seven national events in addition to several smaller local events. The biggest of the yearly events is the H-DCF International Rally, so called Main Rally, which has c. 1000-2000 participants from all over the world.

Harley Motorcycle Club - Finland

H-DCF takes actively part in international events. The club is one of the founding members of FH-DCE (Federation of H-D Clubs Europe). The federation is useful for promoting H-D hobbyists interests at a larger scale and keeping in contact with related European clubs.

The club is open for all owners of H-Ds. All activity is based on voluntary work of the members and is funded with membership fees and income from exhibitions and events. The club is not a profitable organization; all of the funds are used for annual activities.

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