Motorcycle Photo Contest – What Do You Ride?


The contest is over but you can still vote until May 15th. So for anyone that has entered, we suggest emailing your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, riding buddies and anyone you know to vote for you. Just make sure to email them the link of the page that has your photo and let them know which of the 3 pictures is yours. Remember, you could win one of 2 Bikers’ Den Gift Certificates each valued at $100. Valid on any motorcycle gear, parts and clothing available at

Motorcycle Photo Contest

We will be giving away 2 Bikers‘ Den Gift Certificates each valued at $100. One will be given to the entry that receives the best average voter rating. The other will be awarded randomly so go take some pictures of your pride and joy and upload them now as the last day for entries is May 1, 2012. Voting will remain open until May 15, 2012 and the winners will be contacted shortly thereafter.



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12 Responses

  1. Bikers Den says:


    I believe there is a maximum file size, however, I’m not exactly sure what that is. Would you be able to upload a smaller sized photo? If this does not work, please contact us again.


    The Bikers’ Den Blog

  2. Bill says:

    the picture entered of the woman on the trike that is titled ” my new trike ” has found a way to cheat your system. I have been paying close attention and the picture has gotten around 50 votes just in a few hours on Friday. The picture should be disqualified and pulled from the competition.

  3. Bill says:

    Now the same pic of the trike is closing in on 100 votes. Doesn’t that seem a little odd to you, especially after going all those days just to get 30 votes and then all of a sudden get around 70 votes since Friday to Sunday. Somehow they are mass voting. Why can’t they keep it fare.

    • Bikers Den says:


      We appreciate you wanting us to keep the contest fair, so after looking into this further, we find her request to garner votes within the rules…

      Feel free to use the same tactics. We’d like to hear what any of you entering or voting think about this.

      We do want to clear up one issue, however, there isn’t a second place prize, rather along with the first place winner, a random entry will be chosen to win a Gift Certificate as well.

      Regards and good luck everyone.

      The Bikers’ Den Blog

  4. Bill says:

    So she lied in the forum about using the prize to get her mothers hair done for Mothers Day. There is no cash prize so I guess you guys are going to do her hair then. I thought you guys were better than that.
    I’m a veteren with a disability, thats why I ride a trike.!!!!!!!

    • Bikers Den says:

      We appreciate your position Bill and I’m not sure why she thinks she will be able to use the Gift Certificate to get her hair done. There is still another 16 days to get friends and family to vote for you, she hasn’t won yet.

      The Bikers’ Den Blog

  5. LOU says:

    Bill, When I first saw this contest, I thought the winner got a $100 gift certificate, I did NOT realize it was for Biker’s Den Certificate at the time. So yes, I wanted to get my 78 yr old mothers hair done. She just had her second stroke and is in rehab, i wanted to do something special for her. I now know its not a cash certificate. As for my votes, I know alot of riders and friends, and all you have to do is connect with them to get your votes. My biker friends were the ones who had me see it wasnt a cash certificate, so they are helping me to have my mothers hair done. So, you should not think, there has been any wrong-doing on my side, I started this to help my mother, you better believe it…she was a harley Rider in her Day, and now I get to tell her that a group of my Biker friends helped me to get together the money it will cost to get her hair done. She cannot even brush her own hair, she had long hair and had to be cut short after her first stroke, now this stroke has even paralized her more and her hair needs to be cut and permed so her hair doesnt fall in face, due to not able to hold her head up. So please, stop with the remarks, Mothers Day is coming up, think of that, not that I’m cheating or lying. My votes are from my biker family, my other family and friends. I truely understand your feelings, for I had to go to a trike for my disablity as well. Good Luck to you.

    • Bikers Den says:

      Greetings Lou,

      Thank you for your comment and for your side of the story even though we determined that you hadn’t done anything against the rules.

      Best of Luck,

      The Bikers’ Den Blog

  6. Blacgirl says:

    Why is there only 3 bikes to vote for now. I thought all bikes were still eligible after the May 1st deadline. This is so very unfair to all other contestants!

    • Bikers Den says:

      You have to “flip” through the photos with the navigation buttons below the 3 photos. With over 160 entries, we couldn’t have them all on the same page without it being unruly.


      Bikers’ Den Blog

  7. LOU Olsen says:

    Hello! I had congradulated the winner of the photo contest and don’t see it on here, I wanted him to know running next to him most of the contest, was great and knew he was going to win, even before adding my trike photo. He has one great looking Trike there! So once again, CONGRADS to the winner!! It was a challenge I had fun participating in !!

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