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More than just motorcycle riding boots, this footwear genre is an example of a true American icon and a style representing an attitude towards personal expression. Beyond being tough they express adventure, freedom, individuality, and personal style. The motorcycle boot owner demographic is diverse – customers are younger, older, men and women, riders and non-riders alike. They all share a passion for these boot styles.

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No matter how small the details on the men’s boots or the women’s boots, quality boots make quite an impact on everyone. From the signature harness designs to the subtle stitching boots are happily serving and protecting the feet of their owners in style. The Motorcycle lifestyle can be summed up by their customers and the style that they love. Whether it’s a long ride with the wind blowing or just relaxing in the parking lot with your feet up, our biker boots definitely define the look and style of the biker life.

Be a part of the tradition. Be a part of the storied American biker past. Get yours today! You Won’t Find a Better Selection of Motorcycle Boots Anywhere Else!

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How do I take care of my motorcycle boots?

  • Clean leather with a conditioner/cleaner. Clean Cordura nylon with detergent and water.
  • Treat waterproof leather with a Saddle Soap product only. Treat smooth leather with a quality shoe polish, then buff. Full grain leather can first be treated with a boot oil or silicone before applying the polish.
  • Allow footwear to dry slowly at room temperature only, never by a heat source.
  • Keep the insides of the footwear dry and clean with powders and disinfectant sprays. Consider a second pair. This allows the one to dry out thoroughly while the other pair is being worn.

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