The Bikers’ Den is Proud to Offer Paypal BillMeLater® for US Customers

The Bikers' Den Now Offering BillMeLater through PayPal for US Customers

Just in time for the holiday season, The Bikers’ Den has will be offering the Paypal BillMeLater® service to eligible, US customers who order through one of our participating online stores. This is an exciting development for us at The Den, as it gives you, our customers, a chance to finance important purchases and buy now instead of waiting until later.

It’s important to ride protected on the road. Safety is King, and we at The Bikers’ Den appreciate this more than most. With Paypal BillMeLater®, you’ll be able to stay on the road, stylin’ in your new gear, instead of sitting on the sidelines with your busted up helmet or worn through chaps.

Not only does the BillMeLater® service allow you to finance your purchases, you also get $5 back on your first order, and no interest if your order is over $99 and paid in full within 6 months. This is not like your standard credit card, this is even better. You don’t have to keep track of extra cards or numbers, just use your regular Paypal account after you’ve been approved, and choose BillMeLater® at checkout. That’s it!