Legendary USA – American Made Motorcycle Gear & Apparel: Save 10% Now

The Bikers’ Den Newsletter – July 3, 2013  

Legendary USA provides the best American made leather motorcycle gear for all riders, with a wide selection of classic and revolutionary styles for both men and women. From the quality of leather Legendary USA uses to the American craftmanship that goes into each item, it’s the formula that Legendary uses to ensure you get the absolute best motorcycle jacket, leather vest or riding chaps.

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Legendary USA Men’s Leather Motorcycle Jackets

Premium leather, flight jackets, and horsehide await you with Legendary motorcycle jackets. Many styles, sizes and even heights are available to choose from. This is a great source for classic leather jacket looks and styles.

Men'sPrice: $419.95 Sale: $389.95

Men'sPrice: $490.95 Sale: $439.95

Men'sPrice: $429.95 Sale: $399.95

Men'sPrice: $309.95 Sale: $289.95

Men'sPrice: $699.95 Sale: $619.95

Men'sPrice: $479.95 Sale: $429.95

Legendary USA Women’s Leather Motorcycle Jackets

You may have heard of a damsel in distress, but have you heard of distressed leather? Legendary women’s leather jackets are great classic style leather jackets. Made in America from high quality leather, you won’t have to search to find something lasting here. Black and brown leather are available, so be adventurous.

Women'sPrice: $399.95 Sale: $319.95

Women'sPrice: $399.95 Sale: $369.95

Women'sPrice: $429.95 Sale: $399.95

Legendary USA Men’s & Womens Motorcycle Vests

Legendary USA manufactures top quality American made motorcycle vests for men and women no matter what you ride or who  you ride with. Because Legendary is able to control the quality of materials used and guarantee craftsmanship from their USA location, all motorcycle gear coming off of Legendary USA’s production room floor is always top notch quality.

Men'sPrice: $89.95 Sale: $79.95

Men'sPrice: $189.95

Men'sPrice: $229.95

Men'sPrice: $299.95 Sale: $239.95

Men'sPrice: $299.95 Sale: $239.95

Men'sPrice: $159.95

Women'sPrice: $114.95

Women'sPrice: $139.95

Legendary USA Leather Motorcycle Chaps

Ready for some of the sturdiest and most comfortable leather chaps available? Alrighty then! Legendary’s leather chaps come in brown and black. With double stitching, heavy leather, and even cell phone pockets, you’ll see why these are some of America’s best.

Legendary Heavy Brown Leather ChapsPrice: $209.95 Sale: $189.95



About Legendary USA (in their own words)…

Legendary Products is your only source for genuine quality American made apparel. Every Legendary branded garment we offer has been manufactured in the USA.  Our Customers believe in upholding the tradition of purchasing “American Made” Products.  Why ride and American Made Motorcycle, and wear Protective Leather Garments made in Asia?  Or why pay tribute to the American Military branches by wearing a Flight Jacket made Overseas? 

Most Apparel Manufacturers have moved their operations overseas, with most garments being made in Pakistan, China, India, Korea and Indonesia.  Even Harley-Davidson, the symbol of the American Spirit, manufactures most of their Apparel Products overseas.  The reason is simple – labor rates are a small fraction of what they would be if hiring an American labor force.  Would you sit behind a sewing machine for $5 a day?!?  Look in your own closet – how many items are made in America?  While many of these imported products may offer great value, Our Core Customers wish to continue supporting American Factories.  Let’s keep America working!

We offer only the Finest Products in the business, such as our own Legendary Brand, as well as Schott NYC, Cockpit, Fidelity and others, using the Strictest Quality Control Standards.  Rest assured American Suppliers stand behind their products!