Meanings Behind Motorcycle Vest Patches

Like most things in the motorcycle riding world, there are rules and regulations when it comes to motorcycle vest patches. Each patch has its own meaning, either for the individual or to the club or association he belongs to. Aside from these patches, which can be designed however the club or association sees fit and with whatever materials are handy, there are also a number of widely used vest patches that symbolized a biker’s ethnicity, home state, etc.

 Motorcycle Vest Patches

These patches are used not only for self-expression, but also, in the small community of outlaw bikers, to distinguish different groups. While law-abiding bikers and outlaw bikers might use the same patches, those who live outside the law will normally cut their patches into three pieces before affixing them to their vest, as an indication that they do not abide by the rules of society. In addition, most outlaw biker clubs will wear a patch with the 1% on it, to represent that they are part of the one-percent of bikers who consider themselves outlaws, rather than hobbyist riders.


A crescent, either above or below another patch indicates a lover of rock and roll music or a biker who is also a musician. In some situations, this patch can be taken out of context, to indicate an outlaw biker, but in its essence, it simply means that the wearer loves music.


The other 99% of riders wear patches simply to show their affiliation with the American Motorcycle Association, among a number of other distinctions. For example, a 9 or 934 patch shows that the biker is at least part American Indian. Flags are used to show either the state or country the club originates from, also an indication of nationality or ethnicity.


One of the most common symbols on a biker’s vest will be the ace of spades. This patch represents the biker’s willingness to fight for their club or their country. Because many legitimate biker clubs are involved in community issues, it could also stand for a willingness to fight to the death to protect those affected by domestic violence or abuse.


A wing patch is also common, and can have many different meanings. Among biker groups that abide by the law, a wing patch will usually denote some sort of special achievement, though what that achievement could be varies from person to person and club to club. In some of the more extreme associations, wings denote a criminal or sexual achievement, with different colors indicating different kinds of acts.


The skull and crossbones can also have varying meanings, depending on the club itself. In that 99% of legitimate clubs, it shows that the wearer has escaped a near-death situation.

Horsehide Motorcycle Gear vs Traditional Cowhide

When it comes to purchasing quality leather products, many motorcyclists are concerned as to which leather to use for the ultimate in style, durability, and protection: horsehide leather or traditional cowhide leather. It is important for you to invest in high-dollar, quality leather that will last a lifetime, and will be able to handle the wear and tear on the road and in the elements. For those who want the best, Bikers Den suggests that shoppers strongly consider the benefits of horsehide motorcycle gear.

Horsehide Motorcycle Gear

 It is important that you fully understand why horsehide leather is more expensive, and considered one of the strongest leathers out there. Until the mid 1900’s, horsehide leather was primarily used for those in the military. This is due to the need for quality performance leather. Cowhide leather was more readily available, and used for the every day motorcyclists. Around this time, it became illegal for Americans to consume horse meat, which made horsehide more scarce in the United States. In order to make horsehide products, manufacturers had to import the horsehide from Europe, where horse meat can be consumed. Because of this, as well as the tanning process of horsehide, it became more valuable and produced top dollar for those who were seeking it. Cowhide is much more common in the United States as we consume cow meat regularly and thus have an overabundance of cowhide for the production of clothing and gear.

Horsehide Motorcycle Vest

Horsehide comes with a number of benefits over traditional cowhide leather. It is used for everything from motorcycle gear, jackets, vests, gun holsters, saddles, and boots because of its durability, heavy weight, and strength. This thicker material is often smoother and less grainy than cowhide, and wears better over the course of time. It is also naturally water resistant and non-porous, and also more pliable and supple. It can provide the ultimate in protection on the road, providing a thick material between the motorcyclist and the road.

One of the downfalls of horsehide leather is that it requires regular care and maintenance. To keep the leather pliable, supple, and beautiful, it is a good idea for you to oil and wax the leather at least once a month. This will help the gear wear better and keep its appearance, and improve its longevity. Because of this higher maintenance, some will consider cowhide instead, but will find that it is not comparable when it comes to overall quality and durability.

There will always be a debate over whether horsehide leather is truly better than cowhide leather, but the facts will show that its durability and premium nature will prove itself over time. Those who have invested in horsehide leather will often pride themselves in the protection and beauty of their gear, and will often tout the benefits of horsehide over cowhide.

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