Not All Bikers Wear Leather as Textile Motorcycle Gear Increases in Popularity

Leather may still be a very popular choice of material for motorcycle gear and apparel, however, more and more motorcyclists are choosing Textile Motorcycle Gear as an alternative to traditional leather motorcycle jackets, chaps, vests and gloves.  Textile Motorcycle Jackets and Pants offer riders the same protection as leather riding gear and can do so without the bulk and weight that comes with leather apparel.

Textile Non-Leather Motorcycle Gear
Textile Motorcycle Gear is a Perfect Alternative to Bulkier and Heavier Leather

Horsehide Motorcycle Gear vs Traditional Cowhide

When it comes to purchasing quality leather products, many motorcyclists are concerned as to which leather to use for the ultimate in style, durability, and protection: horsehide leather or traditional cowhide leather. It is important for you to invest in high-dollar, quality leather that will last a lifetime, and will be able to handle the wear and tear on the road and in the elements. For those who want the best, Bikers Den suggests that shoppers strongly consider the benefits of horsehide motorcycle gear.

Horsehide Motorcycle Gear

 It is important that you fully understand why horsehide leather is more expensive, and considered one of the strongest leathers out there. Until the mid 1900’s, horsehide leather was primarily used for those in the military. This is due to the need for quality performance leather. Cowhide leather was more readily available, and used for the every day motorcyclists. Around this time, it became illegal for Americans to consume horse meat, which made horsehide more scarce in the United States. In order to make horsehide products, manufacturers had to import the horsehide from Europe, where horse meat can be consumed. Because of this, as well as the tanning process of horsehide, it became more valuable and produced top dollar for those who were seeking it. Cowhide is much more common in the United States as we consume cow meat regularly and thus have an overabundance of cowhide for the production of clothing and gear.

Horsehide Motorcycle Vest

Horsehide comes with a number of benefits over traditional cowhide leather. It is used for everything from motorcycle gear, jackets, vests, gun holsters, saddles, and boots because of its durability, heavy weight, and strength. This thicker material is often smoother and less grainy than cowhide, and wears better over the course of time. It is also naturally water resistant and non-porous, and also more pliable and supple. It can provide the ultimate in protection on the road, providing a thick material between the motorcyclist and the road.

One of the downfalls of horsehide leather is that it requires regular care and maintenance. To keep the leather pliable, supple, and beautiful, it is a good idea for you to oil and wax the leather at least once a month. This will help the gear wear better and keep its appearance, and improve its longevity. Because of this higher maintenance, some will consider cowhide instead, but will find that it is not comparable when it comes to overall quality and durability.

There will always be a debate over whether horsehide leather is truly better than cowhide leather, but the facts will show that its durability and premium nature will prove itself over time. Those who have invested in horsehide leather will often pride themselves in the protection and beauty of their gear, and will often tout the benefits of horsehide over cowhide.

Considering quality horsehide motorcycle gear? At Bikers Den, we have a wide variety of horsehide leather products that are readily available and affordable for those who want to invest in premium materials for longer wear. Visit our site today to find a great selection of motorcycle vests, jackets, and accessories constructed of thick, durable horsehide leather!

Motorcycle Helmets Specifically for Women

Womens Motorcycle Helmets & Ladies Biker Helmets don’t have to be boring anymore. Now women’s motorcycle helmets and ladies biker helmets are available in a variety of styles and designs to suit every taste and budget.

Motorcycle Helmets for Female Riders in Any Size or Style You Need. Get them here.

Some women prefer open face, short and half shell motorcycle helmets for the ultimate biking experience with the wind on your face. Others prefer the additional face protection offered by full face motorcycle helmets. Regardless of which type works best for you, many colors and designs are available. Lady bikers can ride in helmets with solid colors or exciting prints. You can even get pink motorcycle helmets to show off your biking style. Women’s motorcycle helmets are made with a variety of materials, including lightweight and strong carbon fiber.

When choosing a helmet, price and safety are important considerations. Check your helmet for the DOT or SNELL certification needed to keep you legal in your area

If you are a women who rides a motorcycle, then you are already in a class of your own and need to make a strong fashion statement while on the road. There are Womens Motorcycle Jackets & Ladies Leather Jackets designed to let you ride in style.

Women's Leather Motorcycle Jackets in All Styles and Sizes. Get Yours Today.

These jackets come in a variety of styles, colors, and designs. You can even get custom jackets to set you apart from the rest. The great thing is that these fashionable jackets are not restricted to wear while you are riding. They are versatile and trendy. So if your are looking for a new leather jacket, go visit a local retailer or shop online. Prices vary depending on leather quality, design, brand, and a lot of other factors. You can definitely find a good quality coat for a great deal if you shop around for sales. So whether you want a leather jacket to ride on style or just to be trendy while out on the town, you will definitely make a fashion statement if you purchase one.