Bajaj Platina – A Well-suited Commuter Bike for the Every Day Journey

Bikes are among the cheapest and most comfortable modes of travel in India. It is convenient, easy to handle and light on pocket. Bikes are easier to navigate through the traffic laden city roads and congested lanes. In addition, the cost of maintaining a bike is lower than that of the car is. To top it all, the bikes offer high fuel economy, which makes buying a bike a very attractive option. Apart from the initial cost, which might be high, the cost of maintaining a bike is low. Above all, travelling on bike over short distances saves a lot of time as compared to other means of travel. Hence, it is not surprising that a large number of people are resorting to travel on two-wheelers to reach their destination in time and at reduced cost.

Bajaj Platina 1410 NM Motorcycle

This is one reason for the growth of two-wheeler industry in India. Several excellent bike makers in India offer great products for the people here. Bajaj Auto, the Indian automobile giant, is one of the prominent two-wheeler manufacturer in India. There are several best selling bikes from Bajaj, like the Pulsar series, Discover series and Platina, to name a few.

An attempt is made here to understand the popularity and utility of Bajaj Platina on the parameters like price, engine capabilities and other features.

Bajaj Platina is most affordable bike. At a price of 37000/- to 39000/- rupees, the Platina is one of the lower priced bikes available in the market. This feature has helped the bike to sell in large numbers. Being an affordable entry-level bike, the Platina finds many takers in the market.

Powering the Bajaj Platina is a four-stroke, air-cooled SOHC engine, capable of generating a top power of 8.2 bhp and a peak torque of 8Nm. This is the same engine, which is featured in another hugely popular commuter bike from Bajaj, the Bajaj CT 100. The Platina can achieve a top speed of 90 kmph, which is quite good speed on the Indian roads. Platina comes equipped with a four-speed constant mesh transmission gearbox, and its power is transferred to the rear wheel via a chain drive.

The Bajaj Platina is one of the most fuel-efficient bikes as well. It offers an astounding mileage of around 85 kmpl. This is a extremely endearing feature for the Indians buyers, as the growing fuel prices have, of late created a lot of concern in the minds of the average bike user.

To conclude, the Bajaj Platina is a good bike with bold, stylish looks. It is affordable, easy to handle and highly fuel-efficient. There are not many bikes in the market, which can beat a Platina on these parameters.

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Ducati Monster 821 Now At Commoto

The Ducati Monster 821 personifies every bit of advancement motorcycles have seen in the last two decades. This edition has an output of 112 break horse power is significantly improved from that of the M900. In actuality this bike is a sleeker version of the recent Monster 1200 – thanks in no small part to the smaller 821cc engine seen in the Hypermotard that was introduced last year. The 821cc engine is much more responsive than the older versions at both low and high revs.

Ducati Monster 821

Aside from a new clutch that allows for the easing of down-shifts – The dohc, liquid-cooled V-twin is identical from a mechanical standpoint. The airbox is larger, and a retooled exhaust system gives the Monster 821 a small performance boost. Of equal importance is that the exhaust utilizes a valve that allows the Monster 821 to pass all emissions tests – despite the bravura V-twin exhaust bark that’s comparable to the 1200’s.

The comparisons to the 1200 don’t stop there. The Ducati Monster 821 could pass off as its twin brother – despite the omission of the flagship colorful HUD in the digital instrument panel. The Urban mode is very unobtrusive – and maintains a smooth ride no matter what the traffic patterns may be. The burning of the fuel allows for a steady, smooth acceleration. The speed tops off at around 140 mph, thanks in part to the lack of wind protection.

The 821 and 1200 share most of the same features in its chassis. The tubular steel frame is similar, but the 821 has a shorter, dual-sided swing-arm as opposed to the single-sided one found in the 1200. The wheelbase aids have been reduced – add that to a slightly lighter weight and narrower rear tire –  we get improved maneuverability for the 821.

Riders may be happy to know that the upright, wide-handlebarred riding position is the same. The Ducati Monster 821 is a stable, agile bike that rides pleasantly. The suspension isn’t complex, but the quality of the handle and the ride itself is good. The braking (featuring Brembo Manobloc) is outstanding.

Overall, the Ducati Monster 821’s mix of style, utility, performance, and agility makes for a very attractive bike. This bike is reminiscent of the recently released 899 Panigale sports bike – and offers most of the perks of riding a bike with a larger engine – at a great and affordable price.

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