Ducati Monster 821 Now At Commoto

The Ducati Monster 821 personifies every bit of advancement motorcycles have seen in the last two decades. This edition has an output of 112 break horse power is significantly improved from that of the M900. In actuality this bike is a sleeker version of the recent Monster 1200 – thanks in no small part to the smaller 821cc engine seen in the Hypermotard that was introduced last year. The 821cc engine is much more responsive than the older versions at both low and high revs.

Ducati Monster 821

Aside from a new clutch that allows for the easing of down-shifts – The dohc, liquid-cooled V-twin is identical from a mechanical standpoint. The airbox is larger, and a retooled exhaust system gives the Monster 821 a small performance boost. Of equal importance is that the exhaust utilizes a valve that allows the Monster 821 to pass all emissions tests – despite the bravura V-twin exhaust bark that’s comparable to the 1200’s.

The comparisons to the 1200 don’t stop there. The Ducati Monster 821 could pass off as its twin brother – despite the omission of the flagship colorful HUD in the digital instrument panel. The Urban mode is very unobtrusive – and maintains a smooth ride no matter what the traffic patterns may be. The burning of the fuel allows for a steady, smooth acceleration. The speed tops off at around 140 mph, thanks in part to the lack of wind protection.

The 821 and 1200 share most of the same features in its chassis. The tubular steel frame is similar, but the 821 has a shorter, dual-sided swing-arm as opposed to the single-sided one found in the 1200. The wheelbase aids have been reduced – add that to a slightly lighter weight and narrower rear tire –  we get improved maneuverability for the 821.

Riders may be happy to know that the upright, wide-handlebarred riding position is the same. The Ducati Monster 821 is a stable, agile bike that rides pleasantly. The suspension isn’t complex, but the quality of the handle and the ride itself is good. The braking (featuring Brembo Manobloc) is outstanding.

Overall, the Ducati Monster 821’s mix of style, utility, performance, and agility makes for a very attractive bike. This bike is reminiscent of the recently released 899 Panigale sports bike – and offers most of the perks of riding a bike with a larger engine – at a great and affordable price.

For more info on the bike, and to purchase – Visit http://www.commoto.com/

Custom Motorcycle Graphics Options

If you want to personalize your bike, there is no better way than adding custom graphics. Whether you want to go for something classic like flames or a design from your club or other modern design, there are many different ways to actually apply the graphics to your motorcycle, which you can either do yourself, or you can request the services of a professional who can make sure the design is applied perfectly in the best spot. Which method of application you choose will depend on your budget, how extensive the graphic is, and whether or not you want a professional to do the application.

motorcycle hydrographics


This is a great way to apply a graphic or pattern across a large piece of your bike. The pattern is printed on a film, which is then floated and dissolved on the surface of a tub of water. The piece is then submerged in the water, picking up the decal as it goes, wrapping cleanly and evenly onto the piece. This is one of the best ways to adhere a pattern even to an oddly shaped piece of the bike, or a piece with lots of curves or divots. It does not work well, on the other hand, for designs that need very precise placement.


While you can apply decals yourself, if you are wary about placing them correctly or adhering them properly, you can always find a body shop who will gladly place them for you. Your decals can be of just about anything, from club logos to flames. You can even design your own decals and have them printed and applied at your local shop.

motorcycle wraps


If you want to completely transform the appearance of your bike, a motorcycle wrap may be just what you are looking for. A motorcycle wrap covers most of or all of the bike in a pattern. Websites like bikeskinz.com have hundreds of different designs in every single color, so you can find something that matches your personality and style. From skulls, to camo, to dragons, and the ability to buy a set that precisely matches your make and model of bike. These wraps are applied by you—but don’t worry, there are plenty of instructions and you can get a new panel if one gets damaged.


A custom paint job is probably the easiest way to overhaul your motorcycle. In the hands of a professional painter, you can have any color and any design you could imagine, and unlike decals and wraps, a paint job is durable, even through harsh weather and extended rides. Finding the right painter might take some time, as you do not want to hand your motorcycle over to someone unskilled. When you do find the right painter, however, you will have the most unique bike on the road!